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Happy Holidays. I pray that your Christmas was Bright and Full of Cheer. Mine was awesome if you must know. I did spend the holiday day Freeballing. I wore my favorite pair of jeans and just let my lady cock and balls be free, although I did tuck for the Gawds.

The featured blogger today is a familiar blogger. He is known as the Awkward Person on Tumblr.  He is one of my favorite Bloggers with a Bulge. He’s free spirit and Freeballing teaches us all to be free and to love life. Formerly of Vimeo status, Awkward Person doesn’t hide his boners or ass cakes for anyone. Check out his feature for today. Be Sure to Follow Him on both of his tumblr blogs.

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Freeballing: Are You Free?

Since I’ve been working from home and since I’ve been a nudist, I’ve become a free baller.

What is a freeballer? A Freeballer is one who does not wear underwear for any reason at all.  Freeballing is also referred to as going commando.


Men, Women, Transgender, Cisgender of all races, ethnicities, backgrounds and more go commando or freeball.  As I’ve grown accustomed to freeballing, I find that it is more comfortable to let the boys and beef hang free.

Yes there are times when we as men get random erections and it is visible, however there are ways to hide it. Now don’t get me wrong erections are normal and natural.

There are also health benefits to freeballing.  The art of freeballing  allows your testicles to stay away from the body allowing the sperm and semen to be at a healthy temperature.  Freeballing also allows your testicles to breathe as well. For both men and women it allows for cooling and ventilation. For women it also reduces the risk of yeast infection. It also reduces fungal infections to your private parts.

I hope that this was an insightful post,

Stay Naked and Stay Free!!!

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