You Can Kiss My Ass in 2015

  One thing that I hate is a liar, a user, and a thief all in one.  The saddest thing is when you have family members that always want to bitch and moan about what you don’t do, but you bust your ass literally for them to make sure you don’t have to ask them for a damned thing.  I especially hate when people do things for you out of the alleged kindness of their heart, but they always seem to hold it over your head whenever they get in a pissy mood because you don’t let them control your life.
 Well I have one thing to say. In 2015 If you don’t like how I’m living then you can kiss my BLACK ASS!!!! I don’t have time for lying ass bitches and stupid Negroes who feel like the world owes them something.
  I’m in a situation to where a family member helpd me through college. I offered to pay them back for their help, but two nights ago I overheard a conversation that pissed me the fuck off.
 They had the goddamned audacity to say that “Khalil hasn’t even offered to pay me back!!!”
  That lie made my blood boil.  Every chance I get, I offer to pay them back for the help they gave me in college, but apparently because I’m not some millionaire they feel the need to lie to family members and say that I don’t offer them a damn thing.  Why would I continued to offer my help or to pay you back when you keep refusing my help or me to pay you back?
  I don’t understand my dysfunctional ass family.  Am I pissed? Yes I’m very pissed. I guess in 2015 that particular family member can kiss my ass.  Enjoy the pics below as I blow of some steam in the gym.

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