Chase Carter and Light Bright Luis Steam It Up

Chase Carter and Light Bright Luis, team up in a hot steamy new Cocodorm Production. Chase Carter lays the pipe and eats the booty like groceries as Light Bright indulges in some nice chocolate.

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MMA and Homoeroticism



  Am I the only to notice the homoeroticism within the MMA fighting sport?
  Homoeroticism is the display of anything pertaining to homosexuality or same sex or gender attraction, especially sexual attraction.
  Why is it that the competitors are half naked, barefoot, chiseled, somewhat attractive? Not to mention they are in compromising positions and forms.
Quite often you’ll catch the MMA fighters dry humping each other with bulging erections and the sweat beading upon their brow. All of this while wearing tight fitted shorts, that hug the ass and crotch creates a stereotypical, pornographic, homoerotic visual of a wrestling fetish under the guise of athleticism.
  Am I the only one who sees this?

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Cum Stained Diaries: Fuck Me In the Shower

  It was the Summer of 2012. I will never forget it. My then boyfriend “Cruz” and I had come in from the club and had taken a shower together. 
  Cruz and I started kissing and began caressing each other as we lathered each others bodies and played with each others hot spots.  This was something that we had done before, but with the alcohol in our system, this seemed to be a bit steamier than usual.
  Cruz kissed me on the lips and he began to suck on my neck and going further by sucking on my nipples. This Boy knew how to turn me on. I could feel Cruz’s manhood grow strong as did mine. I then began sucking his thickened penis and I swallowed the juicy pre-cum that tasted oh so sweet. 
  Cruz face fucked me as he moaned “shit, Baby. Suck that shit.”  I deep throated him and held it there for a few seconds and I could feel his dick throbbing as he gasped for air.
  I bent over as Cruz stuck his soapy finger in my ass.  I let out a gentle “mmmhmmm” as he began massaging my sphincter.   As he fingered my manhole, I gently rubbed the head of my dick.  Pre-cum oozed out like the flowing water from the shower head.  
  As the water grew cold we quickly finished showering and washed all of the soap from our horny bodies.  As we began drying off, Cruz bent me over the sink and began rimming and eating my ass like there was no tomorrow. I just moaned and moaned as he tongue fucked my ass.
  I could feel his warm, liquored, breath as it entered my jungle of love.
  “Shit, Papi. Eat it. Mmmmm,” I commanded as he continued to send me into ecstasy. 
  I felt his weight shift and I felt his penis gently enter inside of me.  My body allowed him to enter without any resistance.  Cruz, began slowing thrusting his dick inside of me and I could feel all 10 inches massaging my G Spot.  This caused my dick to grow harder than it was in the shower. 
  He slowly but surely got his rhythm together and began to pound my ass. This Fool went balls deep in me doggy style.  
  After doing me doggy style he then heisted me on the sick and began to fuck me missionary style.
  “Shit, Daddy, That dick feels good,” I yelled out.
  “Take that dick, Baby. That ass is good as fuck yo,” He said through his breathlessness.
  Cruz pounded me and I began to shoot all over my stomach and chest without having to touch myself.  
  “Shit, I’m cumming” he said as my asshole clenched his dick.
  As he emptied every drop of cum into me he continued to grind.
  Let’s just say we needed another shower after that.

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