Bottoming 101: A Clean Bottom is a Happy Bottom and a Happy Top

Remy Mars

  If you are experienced in Gay Sex, then you know that a bottom is the one who receives or takes dick.  With anal sex, it is imperative that the bottom is “clean.” By Clean I mean, making sure that you don’t shit on the dick that you are about to ride. 
  One way to make sure that you don’t serve gravy is to take a suppository.  You have to be careful though because it may cause issues with your stomach.  The most common method of cleaning your booty hole of pleasure is to use the infamous enema by Fleet or any other name brand named enema.
  If you use an anal douche or enema, do so about 3-4 hours before intercourse.  It could tear your anal area and cause irritation.  My advice is not to use the saline solution but use warm to lukewarm water and of course follow the directions.  This is advised in case you like to fuck raw to avoid any transmission of STDs. I STILL ADVISE YOU TO PLAY SAFE REGARDLESS!!!!

  Some people go as far as to fast for about 12 hours if they know they are going to get dicked down by a medium to humongous size dick.  That’s all fine, but remember liquids only preferably water!!! It also depends on how much fiber that you have in your diet as well.
  If you need to know where to get some anal douches or enemas, you can go to your local sex store. If you are shopping for price go to Wal-Mart or your local drug store.  Esmale is a great online store if you are also shopping and want it to be confidential that you are buying such supplies.  Click the Banner below for an assortment of Anal Douches and Enemas.
 I wish you well on your cock riding voyage!!!!

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