The Edging Challenge Day 3

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Well So far Day 3 of the Edging Challenge went well.  I didn’t get to do a prostate massage as planned due to all of the prepping for Thanksgiving. That was an all day affair.  However, I plan on after writing this post massaging my prostate.

It is something about massaging the prostate that makes an orgasm more intense and really allows the cum to flow. I typically like to massage my prostate before bed or once I’m relaxed. Sometimes I use my aneros prostate massager. It is the perfect tool to reach my prostate or male G. Spot.  I look forward to a powerful orgasm cum I mean come this Saturday.


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Cum Stained Diaries: Morning Edge, Bate, and Poppers

  Today was my day off and It was really needed. After I woke up with morning wood, I decided to have a little fun. So I pulled out my poppers, my aneros prostate massager and I began watching porn. I edged for a little while, but I really let the aneros massager to the work.
  It felt so good as I sniffed the poppers and let my dick jump streaming pre-cum everywhere.  I carried on for about an hour, lightly edging my thickened manhood.
  I was watching a threesome themed porn.  The bottom was getting pounded mercilessly.  I was home alone and hell I needed that viewng pleasure.
  I stopped touching my dick and I began to play with my nipples and I continued to get my high from the poppers.  It was so much intensity that my dick was leaking pre-cum like a waterfall.  My dick began really twitching aching to cum.
  I began jacking and gooning.  However, 30 minutes later I nutted and it shot up out of my penis like a damn geyser and landed on my chest.  It tired me out so that I showered, cleaned my aneros prostate massager and I took a nap for a few more hours.

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