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Dreaming Of My Ex and What it Taught Me


    A couple nights ago I had a dream about my ex that we’ll call Roscoe. I’m glad the relationship ended because it was past time for me to leave with my spirit still intact.  I’ve come to learn that dreams have a meaning and often times warn you of what is to come.  Dreams also have a way of showing what would be the best course of action concerning a situation.

  In my case it was a warning and instruction type of dream. How So?  Well as many of you know Roscoe and I had been broken up since August 2015.  Later in December 2015 a so called friend let it slip that they had been dating and talking to each other right after Roscoe and I had broken up. Needless to say that So Called Friend and I are no longer connected.

  Well shortly after the break up, Roscoe began slandering me on Social media and spreading some very harsh rumors about me. This jack ass even created fake Facebook profiles and sent my nudes to countless friends and relatives in an effort to say no. He did this because I told him that I would not pay his court fees for him willingly driving with a suspended license, in which he would be jailed for the 2nd time.  I simply felt that it WAS NOT and IS NOT my responsibility.  As a result he went on the rampage to slander me however the weapon was formed but it didn’t work.

  Well back to the dream. I dreamed that my ex began texting me from a new number that I did not recognized. Upon requesting for them to identify themselves they did so. Something in my soul told me that it was Roscoe. Well Roscoe and I exchanged pleasantries and formalities. However with me being the Pisces that I am, I cut straight to the chase.

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