I’m Transgender, Not Desperate

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So tonight, I went on a date for the first time since my break up with my ex, the jackass, in September.  The person I went out with, we’ll refer to as “Ced.”  This is very important as I am a pre-op transwoman, Hence the name change of the blog, and I’m also HIV positive.

Ced and I have known each other for a couple years and we have been great friends. We support each other in ministry and we are both nudists.  Ced is very well educated on HIV and Transgender live, him being a Cis gender male.  Well, since he and I have made a deeper connection, there has been some sort of a enigmatic attraction to this Black Trans Nudist!!!

Tonight we went to a local restaurant and we talked about our likes, experiences in dating, and me being transgender and the challenges I’ve often faced as a transwoman.  One of the topics being that people think that because I’m transgender, that I am desperate and that I should only be dated out of charity or that no one will love me as a transwoman.

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Back in the Dating Game


    Many of you can remember when I went through the crazy break up this past August. It was messy and crazy indeed. Not to mention that my ex is still watching me via social media and what not.  However I remained unbothered. I really don’t want his trifling ass back!!!

   In other news, I’m back in the dating game. Yes, I am poly-amorous, which means I can have several intimate not necessarily sexual relationships with the consent and knowledge of partners involved. Yes I have one partner, however I am looking for my one Main partner that I cater to, and make Number One.

  I have two potentials. However one actually lives closer to me than the other. I will be meeting on potential in Georgia for our first date.  He hit me up telling me how he really felt about me. Georgia Man and I have been friends for quite sometime even while I was dating the jackass that I disconnected with in August.  I have a great feeling about this one.

  After the last relationship I was in I have learned what I will and will not settle for. I also know what I will and will not tolerate. I am a valuable gem and I deserve to be treated as such. No one will cause my value to fall.

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