Cum Stained Diaries: The Sauna and Room 15

  Back in October, I had my first experience at a Bath House in Atlanta.  Granted I’ve done glory holes before, but this whole Bath House idea, was totally different.
  I went with my good friend “Anthony.”  We got the idea to go after having a crazy weekend and the need to get the hell out of dodge. So to Atlanta we headed this well known bathhouse. 
  One the way done we cleaned and purified ourselves as any good versatile Gays would’ve done as well as made sure we had the proper supplements that would keep us nice hard and strong all night.
  As we pulled up to the lot, there was a lot of anticipation and a lot of questions to be answered.
  Anthony and I inquired about the rules over the phone as we headed down to Atlanta.  We found out that we could walk around naked, in our underwear, or in our street clothes.  It was a relief to find out that I could be ass naked and feel free.
  Upon entering, there were so many options so we settled for the most cost efficient option of enjoying our stay.  We both got lockers and stripped down. 
  As we stripped down, Anthony and I began looking at each other’s dicks and ass because we’d never seen each other naked.  Anthony looked at me and said “Damn, Khalil you got a big ass dick.”
  As he spoke, I got semi-hard, however as I looked at Anthony’s dick, I could see that he had a nice sexy, but huge ass uncut dick. The thing that turned me on was that you could see his motherfucking vein.  
 I replied “You have a big one too,” gently petting his junk.  After that we both went our separate ways.  
  My first stop was the Sauna. As I entered in, there were Black, White, Latino, and Mixed race men just sitting there. Some were jacking, while others were detoxing.  There were others watching as well.  
  I entered in and took a seat and I just sat and relaxed.  I could soon feel my manhood growing.  I was so horny that I could feel myself oozing pre-cum.  I gently began stroking my cock.  As I opened my eyes, I saw a nice hot, older White man eyeing me. I invited him over with my eyes. 
  The next thing I knew, he began sucking on my thickened pole.  It felt so damn good.  All I could do was slowly breathe in and out.  I moaned as the other guys around watched and began feeling his ass.   His warm mouth around my dick felt so good. I could feel myself about to erupt in his mouth. So I gently pulled his head off my dick, but to no avail. He kept sucking and sucking until, I filled his hungry mouth with my natural protein. Soon after he began to cum as well and I sat and watched him jerk his fat juicy, pink cock.
  I head for the showers for another adventure.  On this quest, I past by the glory hole section and I took a chance.  I stuck my dick in the hole and I felt another warm mouth sucking me off.  With the supplement that I took, I could tell that me getting hard was going to be an all night thing. As the warm mouth began slowly deep throating my dick, I took a peek and saw that it was a nice sexy bottom.  He took his time and even slowly jacked my dick, licking my balls.
  As I moaned, I heard him say “meet me in room 15.”  So I took that as my chance to get a nice round bubble ass.  
 I casually walked to Room 15.  Mr. Bottom met me lying on the bed with his ass ready.  I slipped on a condom and I bent down and began eating his ass.  Mr. Bottom’s ass was tight around my tongue and tasty to my taste buds.  He had the freshness of a Spring Day.
  That turned me on even more.  
“Eat that ass,”  he commanded as I tongue fucked him deeper and harder.
  After rimming him, I slide my hardened man meat in him.  I could here him deeply breathe as I put him in missionary position.  
  I slide my dick in him and he began kissing me and grabbing on to me.
 “Shit, that ass feels good,” I said as I found my rhythm and began pounding him balls deep.
  With this I took my time. I wanted to really enjoy this time with him. It wasn’t often that I had anonymous sex.
 “Oh Shit, Fuck Me. Give me that dick,” Mr. Bottom commanded as I slammed into him.
  We then changed into doggy style and I began to pound him relentlessly.  I got lost in him, literally.
  I began to slow my pace and I took a sniff of the stimulant that I had brought with me and I could feel the rush that pushed me into more sexual prowess.  
  I laid on my back as Mr. Bottom rode my dick.  
 “Shit, Ride that dick, Man,” I said as Mr. Bottom rode my dick.
 As he rode and watched his dick throb as it bounced up and down. As it bounced and throbbed Mr. Bottom began to release a much needed geyser of cum. As he came, I began to pour my love juice inside of him.
  I pulled out of Mr. Bottom and continued jacking my dick to a finish.  As I finished jacking, Mr. Bottom and I kissed some more, and we both headed for the shower and for some more fun at the Bathhouse. 
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Cum Stained Diaries: Fuck Me In the Shower

  It was the Summer of 2012. I will never forget it. My then boyfriend “Cruz” and I had come in from the club and had taken a shower together. 
  Cruz and I started kissing and began caressing each other as we lathered each others bodies and played with each others hot spots.  This was something that we had done before, but with the alcohol in our system, this seemed to be a bit steamier than usual.
  Cruz kissed me on the lips and he began to suck on my neck and going further by sucking on my nipples. This Boy knew how to turn me on. I could feel Cruz’s manhood grow strong as did mine. I then began sucking his thickened penis and I swallowed the juicy pre-cum that tasted oh so sweet. 
  Cruz face fucked me as he moaned “shit, Baby. Suck that shit.”  I deep throated him and held it there for a few seconds and I could feel his dick throbbing as he gasped for air.
  I bent over as Cruz stuck his soapy finger in my ass.  I let out a gentle “mmmhmmm” as he began massaging my sphincter.   As he fingered my manhole, I gently rubbed the head of my dick.  Pre-cum oozed out like the flowing water from the shower head.  
  As the water grew cold we quickly finished showering and washed all of the soap from our horny bodies.  As we began drying off, Cruz bent me over the sink and began rimming and eating my ass like there was no tomorrow. I just moaned and moaned as he tongue fucked my ass.
  I could feel his warm, liquored, breath as it entered my jungle of love.
  “Shit, Papi. Eat it. Mmmmm,” I commanded as he continued to send me into ecstasy. 
  I felt his weight shift and I felt his penis gently enter inside of me.  My body allowed him to enter without any resistance.  Cruz, began slowing thrusting his dick inside of me and I could feel all 10 inches massaging my G Spot.  This caused my dick to grow harder than it was in the shower. 
  He slowly but surely got his rhythm together and began to pound my ass. This Fool went balls deep in me doggy style.  
  After doing me doggy style he then heisted me on the sick and began to fuck me missionary style.
  “Shit, Daddy, That dick feels good,” I yelled out.
  “Take that dick, Baby. That ass is good as fuck yo,” He said through his breathlessness.
  Cruz pounded me and I began to shoot all over my stomach and chest without having to touch myself.  
  “Shit, I’m cumming” he said as my asshole clenched his dick.
  As he emptied every drop of cum into me he continued to grind.
  Let’s just say we needed another shower after that.

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