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Mr. Saukei and TKO Bang Cody Kyler

I love me some scenes from Papi Cock.
Will Make You Shoot Cum
OMG It’s nothing like watching Two Black Adonis’s pound
a White Ewe.
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DeAngelo and Cody chillin in Paris, taking in some culture and looking for some phat euro ass. DeAngelo picks himself up some heavily tatted frenchie who just can’t resist the temptation of some all American thug dick. Back in the hotel the two join forces with Cody, who makes sure everyone gets their fair share of some wine. Jules is quick to point out that white wine always makes him horny, so fuck the wine, and fuck each other! Jules goes straight for both cocks, so hungry for that black and white cocktail. Who can blame him when you’re in bed with such hot bodies! This threesome is getting hotter by the second and everyone gets their turn of a face full of dick, but Jules needs more and gets fucked by Cody first and DeAngelo next. After DeAngelo is done with destroying Jules he moves on to Cody and gives him the ride of his life til Cody busts all over himself!

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