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The Online Slut Loves to Get Naked @OLNSLT



One of my favorite exhibitonists The Online Slut. Loves to get naked and have fun.

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Boycotting the NFL

Normally, this time of year would breed excitement for me as it is approaching Football Season. This year is rather different. I’m not very enthusiastic about the Negroes For Lease franchise or entity this year all because of the mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick and the refusal to sign him.
Let’s be honest, The reason that they refuse to sign him has nothing to do with him not having talent. He is very skilled at what he does. He’s one hell of a quarterback. The main issue is that he stood up for RACIAL INJUSTICE!!! Instead of being a good ole Negro he stood up for the rights of unarmed Black Men and Women being killed and violated by racist, trigger happy cops.
Now My issue is that they would have rather signed Culter who is not as talented and WHITE over someone who just kneeled during the national anthem, (mind you Marshawn Lynch Sits as well), but now its all a big controversy. What about them still signing rapists, murderers, conspirators of Murders (Ahem Ray Lewis), but because someone spoke out politically it’s all a problem.
It’s funny that they’ll throw up his Fidel Castro Comments and stuff as a way to disenfranchise him, but that’s not even a real issue. “What I said was I agree with the investment in education,” Kaepernick said. “I also agree with the investment in free universal health care, as well as the involvement in helping end apartheid in South Africa.” This is what Kaepernick said. He never said anything about oppressing people. Evaluate that. He just wore a simple shirt.
What kills me about the Black men in the football league such as Michael Vick who was ostracized for dog fighting and later let back into the NFL, Ray Lewis, is that they are forcing a humble, quiet, submissive Negro attitude on Colin Kaepernick and requesting that he “cut his afro” to appear more marketable. Let’s not forget Michael Vick had cornrows and braids as well as other players having locs and afros. Let’s not go their Mike.

When Muhammad Ali went through his battles with not wanting to go to war and opposed the Vietnam War, he had more unity from the Black Community. My question is where is the unity from the Black Community? So yes I’m fucking boycotting the NFL. No Kaepernick, No NFL. FUCK FOOTBALL Season 2017.

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Orlando Bloom Naked Vacation


“Pirates of the Caribbean” Star Orlando Bloom was pictured nude this week while on Vacation with his girlfriend Katy Perry.
There’s nothing like a nude vacation.
More pics below. Continue reading Orlando Bloom Naked Vacation

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Layton Williams…All Grown Up

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Many of you are familiar with English Actor Layton Williams. This 21 year old actor has graced us with his talent in the hit musical “Billy Elliott,” BBC America Television shows “The Beautiful People” and “Bad Education” as well as the “Bad Education Movie.”

Layton was offered the part as young Michael Jackson in the West End Musical Thriller Live where he did a few performances before he outgrew the role. Williams became well known to a TV audience as the character Kylie – acting, dancing, and singing – in the 2008 and 2009 BBC Two comedy Beautiful People, series 1 and 2.Since 2012 he has played Stephen Carmichael in the BBC Comedy Bad Education.

Interview with Williams, who at the time of the interview was on tour with Matthew Bourne’s show The Car Man. Following that he performed the part of Duane in Hairspray the Musical 2015 – 2016 tour. He has just announced that will will also be in the new 20th anniversary cast of Rent which begins touring in October 2016. Layton is a strong supporter of the charities Stonewall and Ditch the Label.

Along with all his Accolades and accomplishments, Layton aka Kylie is all grown up and very handsome. Check him out after the jump!!!

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