Awkward Person: Blogger With a Bulge

Happy Holidays. I pray that your Christmas was Bright and Full of Cheer. Mine was awesome if you must know. I did spend the holiday day Freeballing. I wore my favorite pair of jeans and just let my lady cock and balls be free, although I did tuck for the Gawds.

The featured blogger today is a familiar blogger. He is known as the Awkward Person on Tumblr.  He is one of my favorite Bloggers with a Bulge. He’s free spirit and Freeballing teaches us all to be free and to love life. Formerly of Vimeo status, Awkward Person doesn’t hide his boners or ass cakes for anyone. Check out his feature for today. Be Sure to Follow Him on both of his tumblr blogs.

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Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hump Day.

Enjoy Your Holiday Break.

Eat All That you Want.

Remember to Check On Those Who May Not Have Family

Or A Support System of Friends.

Be Charitable

And Give to Someone Else.

Love ya,



happythanksgivingbitch: halharl-infigar: doomsday519: miniangel: i’m the guy looking disappointed When are y’all gonna learn that Drake is pure evil in lightskin nigga form? yall shoulda known he was evil as soon as he gave them barf girls the time of day kiab lmaoooofmvkgkvkfktkv


Happy Thanksgiving


What Are You Cooking?

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Since It’s Hump Day


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datdude215: Dont make no sense .. Man 🍑 #HappyHumpDay Shake Yo Booty

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Awkward Person- Dress Code

Click Here For his Vimeo Vlog

Click Here For his Vimeo Vlog


One of my Favorite Vloggers, Awkward Person, is one unique and open blogger. From his Tumblr and his Vimeo Vlog, The Awkward Person Blog, to his wit, This young man has a mind that requires that you do not hide the bulge and that It is okay to be you

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The End of July



Well July is on it’s way out. The beginning of  a new month is near. Don’t complain or be sad about the time that  you haven’t spent outside or spent traveling.

You still have time to travel or at least plan a quick get away. Plan sometime outside, have a cook out or enjoy life with friends and family.

Enjoy the end or ends of July.

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