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And It Starts


Well, it has started. Its the beginning of a new week. God help us all. I just wanted to be naked. Be sure to check out the Naked Swim Store at for great merchandise,


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Taking Nudes with #Artisto

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The Black Male Nudist Selfie

 I love my nude body. I often take nudes but for my personal use. I rarely post nudes here.  Here are some nudes I did using Artisto. 

 Artisto is a new app that adds Special effects to your pics and videos.  Here are a few edits and the original


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Shaun Ross Breaks the Internet in New BRÅVES Music Video


Shaun Ross is known for his strikingly interesting appearance on popular fashion runways, but on Monday the albino model came to be known for something a bit different — his massive penis.

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Happy Hump Day 12/2/2015

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Happy Wednesday AKA Hump Day.  The work week is almost done and many of are recuperating from the Thanksgiving holiday still.

Yes this is a Nudist and Adult blog, and this post is just merely showing the beauty of the body!!! I hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!!







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