Boycotting the NFL

Normally, this time of year would breed excitement for me as it is approaching Football Season. This year is rather different. I’m not very enthusiastic about the Negroes For Lease franchise or entity this year all because of the mistreatment of Colin Kaepernick and the refusal to sign him.
Let’s be honest, The reason that they refuse to sign him has nothing to do with him not having talent. He is very skilled at what he does. He’s one hell of a quarterback. The main issue is that he stood up for RACIAL INJUSTICE!!! Instead of being a good ole Negro he stood up for the rights of unarmed Black Men and Women being killed and violated by racist, trigger happy cops.
Now My issue is that they would have rather signed Culter who is not as talented and WHITE over someone who just kneeled during the national anthem, (mind you Marshawn Lynch Sits as well), but now its all a big controversy. What about them still signing rapists, murderers, conspirators of Murders (Ahem Ray Lewis), but because someone spoke out politically it’s all a problem.
It’s funny that they’ll throw up his Fidel Castro Comments and stuff as a way to disenfranchise him, but that’s not even a real issue. “What I said was I agree with the investment in education,” Kaepernick said. “I also agree with the investment in free universal health care, as well as the involvement in helping end apartheid in South Africa.” This is what Kaepernick said. He never said anything about oppressing people. Evaluate that. He just wore a simple shirt.
What kills me about the Black men in the football league such as Michael Vick who was ostracized for dog fighting and later let back into the NFL, Ray Lewis, is that they are forcing a humble, quiet, submissive Negro attitude on Colin Kaepernick and requesting that he “cut his afro” to appear more marketable. Let’s not forget Michael Vick had cornrows and braids as well as other players having locs and afros. Let’s not go their Mike.

When Muhammad Ali went through his battles with not wanting to go to war and opposed the Vietnam War, he had more unity from the Black Community. My question is where is the unity from the Black Community? So yes I’m fucking boycotting the NFL. No Kaepernick, No NFL. FUCK FOOTBALL Season 2017.

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Justice has Failed Tamir Rice

This Above Pictures Conveys My Feelings


Justice has failed the Black Family once again. A Grandjury failed to hold the coward cops accountable for the death of Tamir Rice. Tim McGinty failed Tamir.  Let me Recap.

Upon Seconds of Arriving on the Scene police officers killed Tamir Rice without as much as a drop your weapon nor did they check and see that this was a 12 year old CHILD with a TOY Gun and not a dangerous man of color assaulting police.

Am I upset. Hell yea I am very upset. Why? Even with video evidence and proof that the officers failed to do their job it seems that there shall be no justice. However according to reports Tamir’s family is suing for that justice.

How many more Black Lives must be taken in order for justice to be rightly served?   How many more times must Us Black Folks be called Savages for fighting for our right to live without savagely and justifiably being killed by those with a badge. Don’t even get me started on the Trayvon Martin case.

Does anyone else see what else is wrong here?  The justice system is horribly failing the Black Race, but they want us to remain silently. Well I refuse to remain silent. I refuse to sit here like a good ole Negro and let my people be killed and massacred No more.

This comes after a White Ten who murdered 4 people by drunk driving by was diagnosed with “Affluenza.” Which is basically him not knowing any better due to him being rich. This is some bullshit. The only reason this teen, Ethan Couch got off because he’s a rich white boy. Not to mention him and his mommy dearest went flying to another country to flee trouble.

What also pisses me off is that Dylan Roof, the Charleston Shooter got a trip to Burger King and James Holmes ended up being able to live to tell how he massacred 24 people in a theatre in 2012.

Does anyone else see what else is wrong?

I guess Black Lives Don’t Matter to some, but BLACK LIVES DO MATTER. We’ve been making everyone else’s lives matter since the dawn of civilization. We did it while enslaved, we did it while free. Hell did I mention that even Black Culture is being appropriated and acted like it is a delicacy.


Let me say this one last time BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!

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