Awkward Person: Blogger With a Bulge

Happy Holidays. I pray that your Christmas was Bright and Full of Cheer. Mine was awesome if you must know. I did spend the holiday day Freeballing. I wore my favorite pair of jeans and just let my lady cock and balls be free, although I did tuck for the Gawds.

The featured blogger today is a familiar blogger. He is known as the Awkward Person on Tumblr.  He is one of my favorite Bloggers with a Bulge. He’s free spirit and Freeballing teaches us all to be free and to love life. Formerly of Vimeo status, Awkward Person doesn’t hide his boners or ass cakes for anyone. Check out his feature for today. Be Sure to Follow Him on both of his tumblr blogs.

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Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hump Day.

Enjoy Your Holiday Break.

Eat All That you Want.

Remember to Check On Those Who May Not Have Family

Or A Support System of Friends.

Be Charitable

And Give to Someone Else.

Love ya,



happythanksgivingbitch: halharl-infigar: doomsday519: miniangel: i’m the guy looking disappointed When are y’all gonna learn that Drake is pure evil in lightskin nigga form? yall shoulda known he was evil as soon as he gave them barf girls the time of day kiab lmaoooofmvkgkvkfktkv


Happy Thanksgiving


What Are You Cooking?

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Video: BTP2k12-Sniff


One of my Favorite Xtubers, BTP2K12 has been amazing to me for the last 5 or six years. This man can shoot ropes of cum like nobody’s business.  He gives me life with sexy feet, a big dick, a bubble booty, and a sexual prowess that won’t quit!!! BTPK2K12.

In his latest video SNIFF,  he really feeds us that protein.  His fetish for sniffing dirty drawers  and it is a major turn on!!!!


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Tend My Bar Starring Nubius and King B

Nubius is the type of bar owner that likes to get a full effort from his employees.  When King B didn’t show up for work last night, Nubius knew he’d have him make up for it another way.  King B knows the look in his boss’s face that says, ‘suck my dick if you wanna keep this job.’ And King B likes to follow protocol in these types of situations.  That’s why he’s going straight to his knees to take down Nubius’s enormous dick.  For being so cooperative, Nubius is returning the favor by enjoying King B’s large erection in his own mouth.   But if King B thinks that’ll cover it, he’s wrong.  Nubius also wants to fuck his sweet, tight ass.  King B is taking a hard pounding.  But in the bartending game, you have to get fucked sometimes.  Good thing Nubius is such an amazingly hot stud!  Enjoy!
For the full Video Go to Next Door Ebony

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Nice ‘n’ Naughty #NextDoorEbony #XXXMAS

Oh my gawsh, you guys!!  Diaon is SO sweet to his boyfriend!  He got XL a hot guy for Christmas!!  And it’s not even your average hot guy, it’s Damian Brooks!  Everyone knows Damian has the most incredible, hungry ass around, and XL gets to have his way with it.  What an amazing gift! XL isn’t wasting any time getting right down to business, sticking his tongue deep into Damian’s sweet hole.  But he’s not forgetting that this is the season for remembering our loved ones. 

 XL knows that Diaon definitely wants to participate, so he pulls his man in and licks his sweet ass too.  After some side-by-side action, XL stacks the asses, one on top of the other, and licks repeatedly from the bottom up, all the way to the top of the stack!  What a hot way to kick off the naughty holiday fun.  Then he’s fucking Damian while his boyfriend, Diaon, watches and jerks off.  But XL can’t keep his mouth from his man’s hot ass.  Watch him fuck sexy Damian while he simultaneously rims Diaon.  And it’s not over until BOTH Damian and Diaon get fucked hard by this incredible hung hunk.  So shed that itchy, seasonal sweater and harden up your Festivus pole.  You’re invited to the sexiest party of the year, Next Door Ebony style!!!  Enjoy!

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