Xander Ridge on the Beach

Xander Ridge Loves the beach. He has the right idea of relaxing. There’s nothing like a nice, peaceful day on the beach and enjoying it clothesfree! Xander teaches us in this photo shoot that living clothes free is what life is all about.
When was the last time that you’ve been to a clothesfree or nude beach?  For me it’s been a couple years, but I’m not complaining. When I’m unable to travel, I can easily spend some clothesfree time when I’m home alone, but there’s nothing like the serene peace of nature when you are clothes free.

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Just Walk Away

Sometimes we have people that we just want to beat with a metal pipe and leave them for dead, but we can’t do that.  That’s jail time that we won’t be able to avoid.
  Sometimes you have to just walk away from people.  Walking away from drama, bullshit, and other unneeded things will help you live a better life.
  Don’t feed into the queens. Just walk away and beam with pride.

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