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Me and the Bathhouse

So finally this Summer I was able to attend a nacation .  Although it was brief it was fun filled.  It happened during a weekend get away with my best friend , Shah.  I think he enjoyed the get way as well.

The Bathhouse is one of the well known bathhouses in Atlanta known as “Flex.” Now granted some people were there for other means, but I actually just enjoyed being able to be around other people who enjoyed getting naked, enjoying the steam room, sauna, and hot tub. Being able to walk around in a space that catered to those in the Queer Community to be naked was a joy. Now granted I did partake in other festivities, it was nothing like being able to relax in a sauna and steam room and just forget about the anxieties of the day.

I think all nudist resorts especially in the south USA should have Saunas and Steamrooms. This would make people a bit more comfortable being nude.


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Diego Rafa Huerco

Meet Diego Rafa Huerco, from California. He exudes confidence in his recent photo shoot. Check him out. Click HERE for More of Diego


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Eggplant Friday: Cali Bandz



Light Skin 6’0″ adonis, Cali Bandz is one hot commodity on His recent photo shoot is steamy as fuck. Picture this sexy Cali Bandz, coming in from the Basketball Court all sweaty and manly smelling with a hard dick.  Can’t you imagine all that meat in your face, ass, or mouth.

Check out his work below or go to THUGBOY.COM FOR THE FULL SCENE












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