What is Your Role? #AllLivesMatter

  With the recent riots in Baltimore and Ferguson, along with calamities at the hands of our flawed justice system and the corruption, I’ve had a lot to say, but I’ve kept my peace.

I must say that not just Black People, but Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, White People, Caucasian people, all races, religions, orientations, and creeds, must unite and we must stand together and stop the brutality from the police department. Not only must we band together against incidences such as The Case of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Mya Hall, and Countless others, but we must also team up against the media and their bigotted and ignorant portrayals of Gays, Blacks, Transpeople, and other non white individuals and groups of people.

During the before, during, and after of the Baltimore and Ferguson rights, I purposefully stayed away from the media.  Why? Because these asshats will only project minorities as savages and people who have no couth.

Let me spill some truth.  People are angry. People are hurting. People are tired.  Now I don’t condone tearing up your own neighborhoods and businesses, but I do condone taking down those strongholds that have been placed on human beings by a dominant force!!!  It is amazing that the media will depict that our country has gone to hell since President Obama was sworn into office. I beg to differ. I see many accomplishments, but the truth that people don’t want to admit is that there are a lot of forces working against him.

Before I check with media outlets, especially FOX News, CNN, & MSNBC, I do my fair share of research and educate myself on how the government works, what certain bills include, as well as what is really going on, which is more than I can say about some of my more conservative and liberal counterparts as well.

We must actively work in our communities and show these “Man” that we are tired of being trampled on.  I believe the pledge of allegiance cries for justice for all, but apparently justice is for white, heterosexual people in this country, and that especially belong to the 1 percent.

My Question to you is what will your role be.  The President can’t do it for us, but we must do it for ourselves!!!! What will you do to get the change we need?


Now I understand that I do have white readers, but I refuse to keep silent on this issue.

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