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How to Not Give a F**K & Be Confident | Be Your F**king Self


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Let’s Talk About Gun Control

Let’s Talk About Gun Control. I mean let’s have an in depth discussion about Gun Control in America. Over the course of the last couple weeks since the horrific shooting that claimed 17 lives at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, we’ve seen a complete battle for Gun Control. If you aren’t familiar with this tragedy, On Valentine’s Day Nikolas Cruz when on a rampage kill 17 people including students and teachers and injuring several others. Many say it was due to his troubled childhood, which I think is complete bullshit given he was a white nationalist (not being offensive to anyone) and he admitted to wanting to kill and harm Latinx, Hispanic, and Black people.
The weapons that were used in this horrific crime just like many other mass shootings in America were an AR-15 style rifle. This is a military grade weapon. How is it that this kid was able to get his hands on such a weapon? The same can be said in the Las Vegas shooting that took place in October 2017. Might I add most of the horrific mass shootings in America have not happened by Muslims or Blacks, but by White Nationalists. Need I remind you have the things that happened in Charlottesville, VA when a white nationalist plowed people down, killing a young lady with his car?
As you know the Survivors of not only this Tragedy in Parkland, Florida, but the survivors of the horrific Pulse Shooting masscare in 2016, ascended state houses and are protesting only to be slapped in the face by legislators and lawmakers. What kind of nonsense is this? Not to mention the survivors are being trolled by Trump, Tomi Lahren and Countless other asshats in power.
If you research Countries and Places like Canada, South Korea, China, United Kingdom, and Germany have Gun Control laws that are from strict to very strict. Why can’t we have that in America? Primary issue is Money. Did you know that the NRA supports the likes of Marc Rubio, Agent Orange, and Several other GOP members. Did you know that the NRA supports the GOP? That is why we cannot get gun control. They’d rather much tell us to pray and be sitting ducks, instead of banning assault weapons that can kill scores of people with in minutes.
Now to those who think Gun Control is “Taking away our guns,” let me stop you right there. Gun Control is NOT taking away guns. It is making assault rifles that are military grade harder to access, barring known violent criminals, mentally ill people, those who have a history of domestic violence, and yes BIGOTS AND RACISTS from owning guns. It will also make it harder to get firearms illegally.
To those who say “Well, they’ll find another way.” Sure they will. Let them try stoning someone, using slingshots, and see butter knives and see how far they will get.
I don’t even agree with arming teachers. They have a lot to deal with. I wouldn’t trust a nervous teacher with a gun. They could accidentally shoot themselves or a student instead of the gun men. That argument in itself is dumb.
We simply need gun control in the USA. I stand with those who have been affected by senseless gun violence. Something must be done.
What are your thoughts on gun control? Sound off

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Naked With Lucas

It’s Thursday. Take a note from Lucas and Get barefoot and Naked. There is nothing wrong with getting absolutely naked and enjoying life. Did you know that being naked helps release stress. Put up your barefeet and relax some. Hell even dance while you’re barefoot and naked! What more tips from Lucas? Go on over to FootFriends.com and He’ll show you how.

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Piloto *Check Out This Sponsor*





Meet Piloto, a Bi Latin Man. He doesn’t mind getting naked in front of the camera. His naked body has a few tattoos and Piloto enjoys the air on his skin. Be Like Piloto and get naked.

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Spam Bots Make Grinds My Gears

What’s going on my naked Family. I pray all is well with you all. I typically don’t write these kind of posts, but I must get this off of my chest.
Here goes the rant…I FREAKING HATE SPAM BOTS!!! They infiltrate your emails, social media and even your sms on your phone. I find it quite annoying and disrespectful.
Just today in my Kik Group for Naturists, I had to shut down the group and start a fresh group because of…YOU guessed it SPAM BOTS!!! Who wants to be annoyed by hackers that have nothing better to do that infiltrate the technological highway? GET A JOB!!!
Thankfully on this blog, I get Spam bots and phishing apps blocked like every policy that Agent Orange has tried to pass in the last year and a half. Like really.
What can you do to protect yourself against phishing, spam and other malware? I’m glad you asked. Download software such as Malware Bytes, or Spybot Search and Destroy. These are valuable tools. I wouldn’t recommend McAfee because in my experience that is a virus all in itself and hard to remove from your computer. I would also try AVG Antivirus as well. Make sure that your internet connection is secure and also make sure that your firewall settings on your individual devices are set.
Be sure to download from trustworthy or known or reputable sources and websites and be mindful when signing up for various sites. Those pop up blockers will come in handy. Granted just about every site has adware in order to make some type of revenue, just be mindful and make sure that you are antivirus ware is up to day and do regular scans on your computer. We don’t want our systems getting hacked and our nudes scattered abroad (of course unless you want to).
That’s all I have.
Much Love and Death to Spam!!!
The Black Trans Nudist

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