Mica Martinez Monday


It’s Monday

Some of you All Are Recuperating from

A Three Day weekend due to the

Easter Holiday.

Back to work we go.

I am determined that this Monday

Will be one of the biggest Mondays and

Best Mondays Ever.

Say it with me,

Bigger, Better, Abundance,



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Happy Easter

  Happy Easter Everyone!!! Today is a day where we celebrate resurrection, rebirth, and life. Many observe this in the Christian restrospect in terms to the Resurrection Of Jesus Christ as well as the Jewish Passover. This time of year you will see the “Ten Commandments” movies and more about easter.

  Easter is also said to be a pagan holiday. According to Religious Tolerance The name “Easter” originated with the names of an ancient Goddess and God. The Venerable Bede, (672-735 CE), a Christian scholar, first asserted in his book De Ratione Temporum that Easter was named after Eostre (a.k.a. Eastre). She was the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people in Northern Europe. Similarly, the “Teutonic dawn goddess of fertility [was] known variously as Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eostra, Eostre, Eostur, Eastra, Eastur, Austron and Ausos.1 Her name was derived from the ancient word for spring: “eastre.”

Whatever you reason for celebrating,

Have a nude and safe easter,


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Spam Pisses Me Off!!!

I absolutely fucking hate spam!!! It just pisses me all the way off.  As a blogger, I weekly empty spam comments that I am thankful have not been able to invade this blog.  It just takes up unnecessary space and causes viruses.

Spam is basically irrelevant or inappropriate messages sent on the Internet to a large number of recipients. No don’t get me wrong, I like the meat called spam, but not the spam that you get via technology. It’s annoying as hell.  Most of it is products that I won’t use or don’t even need.

Some of it is also people trying to put viruses on my website. It is just annoying!!!!

That’s all I wanted to share,

See ya,


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Black Men are Gods

Black men are Gods.

Despite how society tears them down

and attempt to dethrone them,

Black Men Are Gods.

If they weren’t

Then why is the world hell bent

on their destruction?

Black Men are Gods.

From the Dawn of Civilization

to Present Times,

Black Men Have Fought

and Conquered.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Barak Obama,

Malcolm X,

George Washington Carver,

The local barber,

The Black Queer Across the Street,

They are Gods too.

Bow Down Bitches,

Black Men Are Gods.

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