Transgender Women are Women!!!

  Many of you know that recently I came out and that for the last year and a half I’ve been transitioning from Male to Female.  As I  currently have social media and various Nudist Sites, Some of the comments and some of the ideals about transwomen are just horrendous.

Earlier this weekend I received comments on a few of my posts on Facebook and Youtube that Transwomen aren’t women. They are just men who couldn’t cut it as men so they decided to become chicks with dicks. They couldn’t be more wrong. Read this word again “Transwoman.” You see the part that begins with a W? Well honey that is Woman.

I will never forget that I had a cisgender heterosexual female tell me “sister, you don’t have to say transwoman. Honey all I see is a woman.” That made me feel so respected and made me happy that people are educating themselves.

People must understand that gender was actually a social construct given by society to differentiate between those that have penises and those that have vagina’s.  However this blog post doesn’t have enough space to go into the specifics of gender and gender identity.    However, It is a shame that most images of Transwomen and Transmen are deemd and portrays a fetishization of transwomen being a chick with a dick or a man with a pussy. Some even feel that if a transwoman or transman doesn’t get their genitals modified then they aren’t whole.  However if you are cisgender, then this post is for you.

My transgender genitals are non of your fucking business.  I am a transwoman and I just happen to have a rather large penis.  A person’s genitals doesn’t denote one’s gender. Transwomen are women too. We just have a little bit extra. So before you open up your ignorant mouth please do some goddamn research.

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