The Edging Challenge Day 6 HandsFree

Well Day 6 of the Edging Challenge went buy in a breeze. The day started off with me cleaning and practicing kegel exercises.  I would take a break from my cleaning and start a rep of kegel exercises and it was quite pleasurable.

I had also forgotten that I had schedule a handsfree cumming lesson/session with a sex therapist that I follow on xtube.  I was preparing myself for an encounter with a guy from Grindr however things fell through. Since my plans fell through I decided to go ahead and follow through with the handsfree session.

During the lesson myself and another attendee edged ourselves into multiple orgasms. The first one was phenomenal. Cum Shot everywhere!!! It made me feel so happy and relaxed.  I ended up ejaculating about 5 or 6 times.  With the exercises done in the session, it made me want to practice achieving a handsfree ejaculation on my own.

There you have it folks. I’ll be back with more posts.

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