Happy Tuesday: Naked, Black and Happy


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This past weekend, I traveled to a Atlanta, for a religious gathering. I ended up sharing a room with my best friend J B, and DeDe.  We are all apart of the Blackqueer Community, mind you I was the only genderqueer (Transgender) person in the room, however I blended right in.

We had just arrived that Friday Afternoon and we all began making plans for that evening. While we were making plans, We all began to strip and it was no big deal. The only thing we commented is on how much weight we had gained or loss since we last saw each other and that it felt good to let the body breathe!!!

It felt good being amongst other Nudists of color and It just made my journey in nudism even more better.  I’m happy to be a Black Naked Person!!!

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Back to Work

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Hello My Naked and Free Family, This queer nudist is back in full effect.

  My break proved to be quite refreshing. I needed to put somethings in perspective. Stripping away layers and not just clothes helped me to conquer anxiety and anger.

As a result I am enrolled into therapy. I’m naked mentally and not ashamed. I do recommend anyone to get the help they need in order to stay healthy and happy. Isn’t that what the doctor is here for?

I will be sharing naked time stories and more.

Love ya,


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