Happy Hump Day: Submit Your Humps and Nudists Stories


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Happy Hump Day Family.  Today is a work day for me and I’m pulling extra hours before my three day holiday weekend.  I’m grateful that I have a job that I can work from home and do it the best way I know how …NAKED!!!  The week is almost done. So let’s dance and twerk since it is almost a three day weekend for most of us.  Enjoy life naked.

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Dancing Into Monday

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Click Here for More Naked Dancing and Dance Lessons


It’s Monday.  I know that it is the dreaded day of the week.  We’ve rested all week long and now it’s back to the hustle and bustle until the 4th of July Holiday.  Now I advise you to get naked and dance because you are Free!!!

Dance Naked because Nudism is liberating!!!

Have a great Monday,

The Black Male Nudist

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High Time- Joseph Campbell

Click The Picture for More of Joseph Campbell's Work

Click The Picture for More of Joseph Campbell’s Work

Joseph Campbell is a specialist in visual art. I discovered Mr. Campbell on Vimeo.  One piece that stuck out to me that contains artful and nonsexual nudity is “High Time.”  “High Time”

is a cyclical video artwork designed to be played on a loop in a gallery setting.

Taking it’s name from the literal translation of the German word ‘Hochzeit’ (wedding) the piece is an associative journey through themes of union and division.

The piece uses the male-female divide as it’s principle departure point. It also touches on themes of war, narcissism and infantile psychology.

Check it out after the jump!!!


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My Naked Body


My Naked Body is Beautiful.

Skinny, Fat, Muscular, or Lanky,

I am wonderfully and fearfully made.

No I’m not a fan of chubby chasers, nor am I fan of gym bunnies.

I’m a fan of those who recognize and accept that

there are different body types.

Not everyone will have that body builder body.

We are happy the way we are.

My naked body is body.

I may have a little extra,

or a little less,

but hell, I’m fabulous dammit.

My Naked Body is Mine.

My naked body has been sanctioned by God.

My naked body is fierce.

My naked body is the seventh wonder of the world.

My naked body is MY naked body!!!

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Friday Thoughts: Clothes and Value



For the last two weeks, I have really enjoyed having naked time when I have the house to myself.  I’ve come to find that naturism and nudism is so very liberating. As I give this Friday’s Thoughts, I am thinking of how clothes can be so constricting and the value one has when they are wearing particular types of clothes or brands or designers.

However, I feel that as nudists we are liberated from having to worry about the type of clothes we wear to impress people, especially in a nudist setting. Now don’t get me wrong we do want to look polished for an important event, our wedding days, business meetings. But the gist of what I’m saying is that as a nudist clothes don’t matter much to me unless I have to continue building my brand.

Trust and believe I WILL not break the bank to look like a million dollars. I can take a 20 dollar outfit and make it look like a billion bucks, however my naked body is much more beautiful than some piece of fabric.

These are just my thoughts,

The Black Male Nudist

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vintageblackglamour: So, yes. The usual suspects – the legends you expect – are present and accounted for in my next book, Vintage Black Glamour: Gentlemen’s Quarters. But! So are the legends you weren’t expecting – like the one and the only Roy Ayers. Composer. Singer. Vibraphonist. Genius. Did you know that he lives in James Baldwin’s old apartment in Harlem? Where else would a genius live?! I had a hard time deciding which chapter to place Mr. Ayers in – Virtuosos? Iconoclasts? Visionaries? I finally decided on Maestros. That’s what I get for trying to categorize a genius. http://ift.tt/1g4MeR2

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