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The Purpose of the Donate Button

I know that many of you have noticed the little donate button in this post as well as on the left side of this screen. Many of you have asked why that button is there. Well I’m about to tell you.

For starters, I self host this blog and it can be costly at times. At times the money that I bring in from advertisements are not enough to keep me running at this point, however I refuse to give up in hopes of taking this blog to higher heights and deeper depths. I constantly share this blog on Social media and I also spread the word.

I’m asking that if you see the button please do not ignore it. If you are able to donate to keep this blog running please by all means please donate. If you can’t donate feel free to share your favorite posts or just simply share this blog whereever you go!!!


The Black Male Nudist

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Avery Alexander and His Dick


  Avery Alexander is a sexy emo boy in the new semester of Dorm Life!!!

Check him out at COCODORM as he shows the cakes and the beef!!!

Ass Stretcher

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Happy Hump Day With Avery Alexander


Sexy Dormboy, Avery Alexander

Shows off his ASSets in his latest shoot with

This sexy, emo, skater boy has cakes of gold!!!

This will make your Hump Day Very Happy!!!

Go to COCODORM.COM for the Full Photo Set


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Rise and Shine #Monday!!! #Teamnudist #nakedlife


Rise and SHINE!!!! It is Monday!!! Let all the stress and worry kiss your ass!!! This is a new week and a new day and it will be the greatest week of your life.

Get naked, smile and show some love to everyone!!!!,
Naked Hugs

The Black Male Nudist


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