Happy Naked Sunday: Standing Strong After the Break Up

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What’s up Naked Family? I pray that this post finds you in the best of health.

Well this week has been a great, however it did have a bump in the road.  You see for the past 9 months I had been in a relationship that unfortunately I refused to see as volatile and unhealthy.  I was dating someone whom we’ll call “D.A.”

D.A. and I met in October and a few weeks later we solidified our relationship.  Things seemed to be good, but I did notice that he had some issues with family, but also there was an insecurity about him. I shrugged it off and thought maybe I was being too cautious and looking for a way out in the beginning.

There were obvious red flags, but out of stupidity and love I chose to ignore them.  Well this week showed my ex’s true side.

What had happened was that he began to vent to me about an incident that happened earlier this year in March.  D.A borrowed my car to see a family member, knowing that the headlight on the driver’s side was out. I hadn’t had time to fix it due to work, family, and money issues. However, he got stopped by the boys in blue and found out that his license was suspended. As a result, he was arrested and spent 2 weeks in jail.  I did all I could to help him within my means, but I stopped trying thinking that he would figure it out. Well I was wrong.

Well this past week, everything came to a boiling head.  This week he tried to blame me for his license being suspended and him going to jail. I quickly told him “That issue with your license is not my fault.” We text battled back and forth and he decided that it wasn’t going to work, simply because  I recognized that he refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

D.A. became petty by making several harassing posts on Instagram as well as sent me a harassing text a few days after the break up. He had the audacity to make mysoginistic statements about Transwomen and Feminine Gay men as well as Genderqueer people.   It is then that I really saw his insecurity, narcissism and need for control that I no longer gave him.

I’m trying not to be hurt, but I honestly thought that things were genuine, but as I look back I see that he played a character and that I wounded up learning the hard way.

However I am thankful that he did teach me that I am polyamorous and that I am too good to dating trash.  I will be talking to you more about polyamory.

Love ya,


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