Chocolate City In Theatres May 22nd

Are You Ready for “Chocolate City?” Get ready to get your Chocolate High on May 22nd.

Robert Ri’chard stars as inner city college student, turned exotic dancer, Michael in this new hot, sexy, sizzling drama. Michael is the sensual, sexy new dancer in Chocolate. What starts as a way to help his struggling mother (Vivica Fox) makes ends meet, he becomes the female clubgoers hottest new fantasy.  Can he hide his night job from his mother and his girlfriend?  One way to find out. Check out Chocolate City starring Michael Jai White, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Tyson Beckford, Vivica A. Fox, and Ginuwine!!!

Check Out the Trailer Below!!! Child It Will Make You Moist!!!!

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Job Hunting!!! #NudistRants


There are times when an old dog gets tired!!! I’m at the point with my current work situation in which I am fucking, absolutely tired!!!

It all started a few weeks ago when we had a system failure and people at my job were being double charged and weren’t able to do certain tasks with their accounts.  When working in customer service, you expect for your boss to have your back when a customer wants to disrespect you.

I’ve learned over the last week that is not the case when you are a Black, Gay, and a Gender-Queer in America, especially in the south.  I’ve noticed that here lately, that my so called supervisor have been putting his dirty work on the employees. For instance, an angry customer asks for a supervisor, it is the supervisor to be the damn leader and  do what his job calls for him to do…take action not just sit on his ass!!!

Not to mention, I’m getting asked obvious questions where the answers are in plain black and white!!!  I honestly feel that I am being targeted.  I think it is way past time that I find me another damn job.  I refuse to apologize for the language, but this is how I feel.


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