kinkynefertiti: The World’s 1st Black Male Supermodel Known to many as the most beautiful male model of all time. Not much is known about him except that he was a fixture at Studio 54. The actor Raymond St Jacques was his adopted “father”. On any given night at studio 54, Sterling could be seen twirling Bianca Jagger, Pat Cleveland and Grace Jones around the floor. Caroline Kennedy would go to Studio 54 just to dance with Sterling. Sterling, Raymond, Howard Rollins and Paul Winfield were also fixtures in the Castro. Pat and Sterling danced on Soul Train for a minute. Sterling never reached the levels of success as his female counterpart Grace Jones although he did make an attempt in the early eighties at a music career. People talk about Tyson Beckford, but Sterling was the first to walk the runways for Givenchy, Halston and Yves Saint Laurent. He came, he danced and died with no fanfare. So every time you see a black man walking a runway or modeling in print just think about Sterling for a minute because he was the first. wow

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Happy Hump Day: Naked Buddies

 Yesterday, was my day off. So I decided to have a day of nudism with some friends.  I met up with a friend that we’ll call Ray. Ray is caucasian and is part of the LGBT Nudist community.  He and I met up and discussed politics and discussed current events.
  We ended up watching tv and laughing. However we discussed in depth what the nudist lifestyle is about. It’s about being naked and free. It’s about being clothes free like God intended us to be.  I thank God that I met a new naked buddy.
  What was your first Naked Buddy experience like? - the largest nudist personals site! – the largest nudist personals site!

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