@Kingofgaymusic “Boy Toy”

  Meet the King of Gay Music, Scandocious J.R., the King of Gay Music.  He’s known to be Legendary, Above and Beyond Slay, and Un-D-Nyable.  I’ve been following his music for quite sometime and I can say that I’m impressed with his craft and music. One of my favorite songs by him is, “Boy Toy.” As apart of Artistic Saturday, Get into Boy Toy, By Scandocious, J. R.
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Social Nudity Ideas: Naked Body Painting

  Many of Nudists are not really feeling these cooler temperatures.  Some of us are already planning nude events and other things to enjoy our Naked Freedom. 
  One thing that comes to mind is a Naked Body Painting Party.  What is a naked Body Painting Party?  It is an event in which Nudists/Naturists get together and make their bodies works of arts with nice artistic paintings.  You can also create political statements, use this as a chance for activism.
  One way to make it exciting is to set up different groups and each one pick a theme and have explain their theme to people.  Naked Body Painting can be a stand alone event or apart of a larger social nudist gathering.
  What kind of paint should you use? From personal experience I suggest using hypo-allergenic paints.  One type that could be used is airbrush textile acrylics.  This type of paint is non necessarily formulated for use on the skin, however it is non-toxic. They are designed for airbrushing on fabrics, however they are easy to wash off and dry very quickly. To apply you can use a regular bristle brush or a large sprayer that you can get from the hardware store.
  Another paint that I’ve used is MagicColor by Ben Nye. This is a product that is opaque. Just apply a thin coat. It dries quickly as well.
   I could go on and on about paint types. For more info on Body Paint Types go to this link: http://www.seanet.com/~bradford/Body_Painting_Technique.html.
  Stay Naked,
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Don’t Take Someone For Granted

     One thing that I’ve learned in life is never take someone for granted.  Also don’t allow yourself to be taken for granted. 
  This realization has hit me over the last couple weeks as I’ve heard of deaths, people breaking up over crazy reasons, and even people using someone.  I realize that we all have value.  Don’t every surround yourself with people who don’t know your value. 
  If they are around you, but they only call you in their time of need, but when you need them, they  are no where to be found, it is time to let their asses go.  Keep in mind that if you have a great mate,
friend, lover, or mentor, hold them close. Don’t misuse them.  
  Like Momma says, “You’ll never know what you had till it’s gone.”
 Love ya,
the Black Male Nudist.

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