I Don’t Have Time for Mess

  I have time to live life and I have time to work, but I do not have time for mess and drama. On Wednesday night, I had a disturbing phone call with some stupid ass, he said she said mess. That is one way to really piss me off!!!
  One thing that I’ve learned with people who do the “he said, she said” game is that they have nothing better to do with their time. They also want to make other people look bad because they are jealous or either insecure. One thing about, Mr. Dennis aka the Black Male Nudist, I do not and will not entertain faggotry or mess.  
  Now I know this is a nudist blog, but this is my blog. If you don’t like what I write, then you don’t have to read.  I created this space in order to vent and to get thoughts out of my head.  

   Now back to the story. The person that we’ll name Caller, called me concerning something a Close Friend of mine allegedly had said and done, which I know better. When Caller forwarded me the texts and emails exchanged, I quickly saw what was going on.  Caller was mad because my Close Friend no longer wanted certain ties with them and no longer wanted a relationship. So to discredit my Close Friend, Caller wages war.  Mind you I’m the one who had to do a lot of cleaning up behind and setting records straight due to my Close Friend recovering from an illness.
  If someone doesn’t want you, MOVE ON AND STOP STARTING MESS!!!!
That is all,

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There’s Always An Open Window

  Many times in our lives we lament over missed opportunities and doors that have been closed in our faces. For one reason or another the time for the closing of that door has seemed inopportune or to have happened at the wrong time. However, that closing was the right time.
  How so? It means that it wasn’t meant for you to have that opportunity at that particular time.  There was a lesson to be learned and some areas for you to grow in. Missed opportunities and shut doors can hurt a lot however, there is always an open window.
  There’s a window open with a flood of blessings and new beginnings coming your way. The key is being patient and to allow the rain from shut doors to water your garden and cause you to grow even more.
 Whenever a door is closed it causes you to work harder and push further to get to your destiny.
There’s an open window for you. Don’t stop working.  Open that window for yourself by staying in the race.
Love ya,

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A Nudists Life: Me Time and Schedules

  The Last Few Weeks for the Black Male Nudist have been very hectic indeed. Between work and other obligations with family and the love life, I’ve been really demanding time for myself.  Thankfully I managed to have sometime to hang out with some friends and family on my day off and on this weekend.
  I did want to travel more this Summer, however due to unexpected bills, car maintenance, and helping out family I put somethings on hold.  The great thing is that I am able to plan for next Summer and even next year’s travels.  Prayerfully, I will be on a different job or owning my own business that will allow me to travel more often and to have more fun and enjoy life.
  I do want to do more in my field and degree plan. I do have a dream and a plan. Yes I’m a nudist, but I do have other things going on besides hitting the nudist resorts and hitting the nudist beach. Everything in due time. However I do from this point on plan on taking at least 2 vacations a year.  It is much needed.
Well I’m out,
Stay Naked,

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Naked Time Is Necessary

  Nudism/Naturism carries a freedom that many fail to discover (that’s just my opinion).  In my 10 plus years as a nudist, I’m learning that naked time is necessary.
  Why? Well naked time allows you to be free from society’s expectations on what you as a man or woman are to look like. It is necessary because it allows your body to breathe and allows you to discover a new found liberty that you never had before. Nudism is not sensual or sexual, but it is when one allows themselves to be free from the restrictions of clothing and limitations of the world.
  How? Naked time is a time where you can be you and be free. It can be in a social setting or in a private setting. Regardless of if you’re a home nudist or a social nudist, I can bet your sweet bottom that you find yourself relaxed and find yourself at ease. Even with everyday chaos, naked time can improve your overall well being.
  I say “yes” naked time. What do you say yes to?

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Monday Blues

  Well It’s Monday…AGAIN!!!! The start of a new week. A crazy work week, however no need to fear, it is going to be a great day. No Need to Fear. Fear is not an option. You all have a lovely week. I will be back with some more blogs for your,

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A Restful Sunday

   Today has been a great day of rest!!!! After a hectic ass week, A Sexy Man such as myself needed a break and some time with the family. Sometimes you have to take time for yourself and get you some rest and be around your loved ones.  It’s okay…Your life will love you for it. See ya,
Black Male Nudist

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