Naked and Ashamed

  Many people in today’s society have had nudes of them leaked while others always blur out their face.  Why is this so? This is due to the shame that society and religion often puts on those who partake in the nudist or naturist lifestyle.
  There is no need to be ashamed of being naked.  The reason for the shame is because the media and society has indoctrinated people that in order to be seen naked, you must have bulging muscles and an hour glass shape.
  That is not necessarily the case. Nudists come in all shapes, sizes, hues, and backgrounds. Hell we just love being naked and free.
  There’s no reason to be naked and ashamed.

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Naked and Smiling

Brian Pumper

  Hey Guys, the Black Male Nudist is Back!!!! I want to thank you all for your love, messages, and support during my grieving period.  Now I’m back naked and smiling.
  A smile does the world some good.   Although pain comes into our lives, there is always a reason to smile. If you have life and breath, it is a reason to smile. Things may not go our way, but life is still sweet.
Smile Smile Smile,

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Karma is a Lady

  Many people say that “Karma is a bitch.” I disagree with that statement. Karma is a lady.  Karma is not evil, nor is she boastful.  Karma is kind in repaying whatever hand one has sown to others.  If you’ve sown drama, then you’ll reap drama (that’s a Biblical Lesson Y’all).
  This week I’m preparing to bury a loved one as well as dealing with the anniversary of another loved one’s death.  I’m angry at somethings that the relative that just passed had to endure from his widow. Part of me wants to knock the dog piss out of her, but I must remember that vengeance is the Lord’s.  I must remember that Karma will pay her a visit in due time.  
  Whenever we do Karma’s job, we make a hot ratchet mess of life and we cause Karma not only to kiss them, but to kiss us as well. Let Karma prove her lady-like abilities and let her get even, not us.
Love ya,

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Nudism: Is There a Sexual Side?

When it comes to nudism and naturism it is often misconceived as a sexual exploration. Many people sexualize nudism and think nudists are perverts, on which we are not. We just like being naked, free, and natural.
  However, I must ask is there a sexual side to nudism? With men getting random erections and some novice nudists gawking at their first nudist event, many people want to avoid the sexual things that can come from being nude.  Can someone sound off?
Is there a sexual side of nudism?

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