Memorial Day at River’s Edge

  I pray that your Memorial Day went well and that you are all safe and reading this blog.  Well Today, I went to Dewy Rose, GA to my Favorite spot, Rivers Edge. Since it was Memorial Day, I decided to spend some me time relax in the buff and enjoying my day.
  The atmosphere was energetic, yet relaxed. Although I was flying solo, other patrons and I had some great conversations that led to subjects such as division in the LGBT Community, Religion, Race, Politics, Foods, Nature, and Upbringing.  I enjoyed myself and I enjoyed meeting new faces.

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Got Milk?

Milk gives us calcium for strong bones.
It promotes hair growth and also helps keep your skin healthy.
If you are lactose intolerant you can get products such as soy milk or lactaid milk.
Too Bad The Refrigerator door is blocking his milk maker.
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