The Black Male Nudist So Far

  Hello I want to thank you all for making the start of the Black Male Nudist a success so far. Not even a month in and I’m surprised at the views and responses that I’ve been receiving. Be Sure to Share this blog via Twitter, Tumblr, and other mediums as well. My goal is to touch the world.
  Many of you have seen some of the changes as well as the progress and I do welcome your input. Please Be sure to leave your advice. Love ya,

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Tattoos: Do They Contaminate Your Natural Essence?

   Tattoos have been a growing trend for the last couple of decades.  It was quite common with those in the Navy and Military, however within the last 20 or so years more and more people have tattoos. Some tats are visible and some are not. I, myself have a few tats, however they have a meaning.  For some tattoos have a meaning, while others just get them to have them.
  Many people feel that tattoos are just a decoration while others feel they are unnecessary. Even some religious leaders feel that they are the mark of the beast. Whatever your opinion, is you are entitled to that.  The reason I have my tats is that they relate to a period of my life where I came and found myself. But that’s another story.
  Do you feel that tattoos efface the body? Do you feel that they add to the body? Do you feel that they are unnatural? Do you feel that they take away from one’s natural beauty?
A Black Male Nudist Wants to Know?

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Sunday Notes and Thank You’s

  It’s Sunday…The Last one of the month. I want to thank you all for your love and support for this blog. I want to thank Roger at DQN in Northern Virginia and Mr. Tre984 for their shares and comments on this blog. I also want to thank to also thank the Gayte Keeper and The Luckey Star for the continued encouragement and wisdom.  
  With this blog, it is not intended to be pornographic, but informative on the Nudist/Naturist lifestyle.  So Far I pray that I’ve enlightened and helped someone understand that this lifestyle isn’t about a big sex orgy and nor is it about busting a nut!!! It is about loving your body the way God created you. It’s also about enjoying life in an “Garden of Eden” type setting before Adam and Eve were naked and ashamed.  Be Sure to Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr as the Black Male Nudist.
Love you all,
Get Naked!!!!
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Go With the Flow

  One thing that I’m learning in life is to sit back and go with the flow.  So many times in life we get caught up in the everyday stresses of life. That’s not healthy.  It is okay to relax and just take a break. Go with the flow. It’s okay to stop and smell the roses.

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Single, Black, Male, Nudist

   Here’s my moment of truth: I’m a single, Black, Male, Nudist.  Many of you may ask “What seems to be the problem?” Well the fact that I’m a Black Man, a lot of people think that I’m hyper-sexual and that I use nudism as means to get sex, which is so far from the truth.  I happen to be a Black Man who loves being naked and being free.  By me being single, sometimes it is hard to network with others, especially couples.
  How is it hard? Some get the misconception that I’m trying to make social nudism into one big happy ass orgy.  The lie detector test determines that is a lie.  I’ve had some great experiences in my life as a nudist, but when it comes to heterosexual couples, it is perceived that I’m either trying to bed the husband or bed the wife or both. It is an unfortunate circumstance, but what better way to convey my feelings than to write about it.
  On the many Nudist Social Networking Sites, I’ve found that many people will state “No single nudists.” It gives the connotation that single, male or female nudists are lonely souls that are trying to sleep with your mate. That is not the case. We are just fellow nudists looking to network. We are not pervs looking for a date or a hot sexual romp.
  Could it be the many exhibitionists that hide under nudism and naturism in order to get the goods from both male and female? For those who don’t know an exhibitionist is someone who exposes themselves ie genitals, buttocks, breasts, or other parts of the body not normally exposed for sexual gratification, shock, or for the thrill of it. A Nudist however is one who prefers life without clothes, can perform everyday activities without getting all hot and bothered, and respects others while being nude or in the natural.  Exhibition and nudism have major differences. If I wanted to be an exhibitionist, I’d be streaking and making porn or flashing unsuspecting strangers.
  However, I’m a nudist…A person who prefers life without clothing  (in designated areas or in my own home or wherever it is legal).
  So why does being a single, male nudist automatically equate to me being a pervert.  Is it societal standards? A few rotten apples? Could being a single male nudist be a curse?
  Well I refuse to think it is a curse. Being single is a blessing. It has caused me to focus and prioritize my life as well as find out who Caleel is.  Being a single, male nudist is a part of life, just like being married or in a relationship.
  So far I haven’t been told I couldn’t visit my favorite resorts or nudist attractions due to my single status.  Let’s not even get into double standards.  By me being Gay the first thing some people say is that I’m after ding ding and booty….Ummm Baby, think again. I may be Gay, but I realize what being a nudist is all about.  Again it is unfortunate that some people have made it hard for Single, Gay, Male, Black Nudists, but I don’t fit the description of a pervert.  Now we are all sexual beings (no matter how chase you are). That’s how we were created, but just because a nudist is single, male, Black, and Gay there should be no discrimination.  What would one do if the tables were turned?  Thoughts anyone?

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Religion and Homosexuality Obviously don’t mix

   Religion and people have been meshed together for centuries.  There are different beliefs and religions ie, Christianity, Agnostic, Islamic, Atheism, Wiccan, and various sects and denominations within each religion.  However religion can be downright ugly and down right evil.

  I myself, identify as a Christian. I also happen to be Gay.  I’ve been in many churches and left them because I was made to feel less than a person because I was gay. The crazy part is that the main person doing the Gay bashing was indeed an undercover lesbian herself.  
  Now correct me if I’m wrong, I never once read in the Bible where Jesus himself condemned the Gays. Granted we are under a “new covenant,” seeing as the Mosaic law did not do what it was sent out to do (and I’m paraphrasing) in terms of ones spirit.  Just like the religious bigots of Jesus’s time want to pick and choose we have those that do the same.  
  I was in a service one Sunday and a pastor commented stating “a man is a man and a woman is a woman. He wasn’t born like that.” I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs “how in the hell would you know? Did you choose to be straight?” However, I just overlooked his tirade and his need for attention and zoned out.  
  I wasn’t being disrespectful towards the man of God, but I just tuned him out. I can’t stand when preachers get up and call themselves condemning the Gays, but won’t condemn murders, child molesters, adulterers, thieves, and hypocrites, but they are quick to knock the Gays, Lesbians, and Transgenders down. I’ve learned that many of those that Gay bash are Gay or Homosexual themselves.
  Also with recent setbacks in America, especially with Mississippi passing the religious freedoms bill, which is slated to start Summer of 2014, allows religion to be used in healthcare treatment, restaurants, aiding those who are less fortunate, and increases discrimination especially against Gays.  In my honest opinion if anyone dare say they are a Christian and thinks that such laws are okay, then they are going against the teachings of Jesus…I’m just saying. So much hypocrisy.  If Jesus taught love, where is the love in not treating someone the way you want to be treated? How is discrimination showing love?  
  Didn’t America leave Britain to be come religiously free, but now we are all of a sudden oppressing people because of religion.? Girl, bye!!! This is a mess and these politicians know it.  I bet they will see the damage that the law will cause especially in their economy and the downfall of their businesses for turning people away.  Isn’t such law unconstitutional? For this to be the land of the free, a modern day slavery is surely being put in place.   Did we forget about the separation of church and state?  I guess these political jackasses forgot about that.  I’m done with this topic before I get heated and offend some people.
Much love,
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