JockStrap Central Model – Trevor


During a typical photo shoot Jockstrap Central can take as many as 1500 photos. When you consider that only 9 photos get officially launched for their product pages, that’s a lot of unused photos. Jockstrap Central says there’s lots of reasons photos don’t get used: Many simply don’t show off a garment well enough for the product pages, sometimes they shoot products that for one reason or another never get launched, and other times they just get so caught up in the art of photography that they take extra photos for art’s sake – but they’re beautiful photos and feel they deserve to be shared. Their extended model galleries gives them a chance to not only share those unreleased photos but also to create an archive of their huge body of photographic work – especially useful to keep those photos that disappear when products get discontinued alive. They’re also a chance to highlight their awesome models – like Trevor.

Trevor came to Jockstrap Central from one of their modeling classified ads. Unfortunately, it took them a while to actually meet him as he was leaving for a week long meditation retreat – one where he wouldn’t have any contact with the outside world and wasn’t allowed to talk. That is talent. When they finally met, the moment he stripped down and Jockstrap Central saw the awesome tattoos and body they knew he had to be the new face (and body) of Jockstrap Central.

Be sure to head over to Jockstrap Central to devour Trevor’s extended gallery. There’s a total of 109 high resolution photos of him in Nasty Pig Covert and Core Jocks, Pistol Pete Fishnet Wrestling Singlets, Papi Cotton Jockstraps and Cellblock 13 socks.”

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