Nudism Experiences

 I’m a Black Nudist and I love it.  It makes me feel free and happy!!!  Well tomorrow I am going to Rivers Edge nudist resort in Dewy Rose, GA.  I hope the weather is permitting on tomorrow. I will be traveling with an associate of mine and I hope to meet other nudists and other like minded individuals and really network. Too bad we can’t take pictures lol
  I first got into nudism when I was about 14.  When I would be home alone I would walk around naked and be careful as not to get caught.  I would even masturbate naked, of course.  I have even ventured in my neighborhood naked, thankfully not getting caught.
  In being a nudist, sometimes we have to be mindful and careful due to our professional backgrounds and sometimes religious sects, but hey, I’m gonna live.
Love ya,

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  One thing that I hate is when I’m doing work on this blog or I am doing some type of reading , someone disturbs me for no apparent reason.  I hate concentrating on something and being distracted.  When I am distracted I lose my focus and I get easily pissed.
  That’s how it is in life.  Sometimes we are often distracted by sex, drama, family, and just unnecessary people.  It is then that we are unfocused in life.  That’s often times a dangerous thing.  Those distractions can cause us to miss opportunities, potential relationships, and other goals that you could achieve.  
  Most distractions come from people who do not fit into our circle and really do not have our best interests at heart.  They will do all they can to keep us from really reaching our full potential because they fail to see theirs.  Sometimes distractions can come from people always wanting our time. 
  However, it is time out for all these damn distractions.  It’s time out for all the missed opportunities.  Now its time to rid ourselves of the many distractions.  It’s okay to walk away from some people and some things.  Whatever distracted you, can no longer have the power to hold you.  So let’s get rid of those damn distractions!!!!

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